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From the back of the book. 

This book isn’t a self-help book. It doesn’t guide you on how to live a better life or a better story or a better you or how to manifest the perfect experience. This book simply points to home beyond any experience. It points back to that which has always been there despite who and what you believed yourself and the world to be. It is true freedom, not one based on hope or perfection in the flow of life.

This is about the perfection and love of simply being.

 True LOVE is Everything.

Reviews of the book

This FIRST BOOK in my opinion is the BEST SPIRITUAL Book ! EVER written in RECORDED HUMAN HISTORY !!! Congratulations & thanks again to you Julie & MASTER LISA CAIRNS  – specially !!! The beauty of Lisa is that there is NIL_ COMPROMISE on the delivery of her teachings !!! She never EVER lets down her guard on the “NON-ENTITY” ONENESS!!!!

I love OSHO & follow Tolle, AdyaShanthi, Mooji, Papaji, Roger, Ramesh, Nisargadatta, Ramana.. the Vedic teachings…AdiShankara  etc…NOONE has touched the level LISA has !!! NOONE…Hats OFF to her !!!

Noone has given the message of Enlightenment as her….

Let me add a Disclaimer here: I am an ordinary person & to say anything about `Masters` is anathema! But still in humility, I need to share my I speak , in that bent of Mind !


Senior Consultant Respiratory Physician



I just finished reading Lisa’s book again and it was just as good, if not better, the second time. In fact,I couldn’t put it down and read it straight through. It was as if I hadn’t already read it… much was jumping out at me. That is what I pay attention to, if each time I pick it up, something new is revealed. This book is soooo beautifully written, and Lisa’s words seem to take me a space where everything is shut-down and there is just Peace and Quiet. I highly recommend this book!!

Cindy Hughes 

Lisa Cairns’ New Book – FOR THE LOVE OF everything


A few years ago I remember saying to myself (and possibly to others), “I have no need or plan to read any more spiritual books.” This was in part because I felt that I had found all of what I’d ever need in A Course in Miracles. Spiritual book reading was over for me…or so I thought. 

Lisa Cairns recently released a new book, FOR THE LOVE OF everything, and I found myself reading it! I have to laugh because this is yet another humbling example of how life humorously has a way of knocking us off whatever ground or position we try to stand on. Something I was reminded of after spending time with Lisa during our Hawaii retreat. Personal claim on life or what’s to happen or not happen, is a dream.

In an excerpt from her new book, Lisa says “Life doesn’t belong to someone in time. It’s happening, and there is this energy, this extra part that life plays, an energy of claiming life, “I am choosing, I am doing.” 

Perhaps it is the “I am choosing” energy that professed that I would never read another spiritual book? Who knows! But what Lisa’s book points to, nonetheless, is that there is no choice, no doing or doer. 

LisaQuoteFOR THE LOVE OF everything points to the Reality that Life doesn’t need our help to be itself. What a relief! Life is not personal.

“There is no world our there happening tosomeone. There is life. There is just life. And you are life, but not you as a “who you think you are.” – excerpt from FOR THE LOVE OFeverything.

Lisa’s book is repeatedly reminding or bringing us back to the awareness that we’re not who we think we are…we’re not the stories. Through the use of words, humor, and easy language of the Lisa character, we are seemingly led back to the nothingness of what’s happening. This book is ironically about nothing.

“This book isn’t a self-help book.” says Lisa.  “It doesn’t guide you on how to live a better life or a better story or a better you or how to manifest the perfect experience. This book simply points to home beyond any experience.” – excerpt from Lisa’s book description.

Whether it’s the chapters on Juicy Drama and Falling in Love or Doer-Ship and La-La Land, they all point to the meaninglessness of story, the illusion of the “me” character, and fullness of what’s always happening. 

There’s no intent to teach, nor does the book have any practicality. In my opinion, the beauty of FOR THE LOVE OF everything, is its gentle invitation out of this world. I’m grateful for the inspiration that seemingly caused me to read it. I’ve never enjoyed a book without purpose and about nothing so much as I have enjoyed reading this one. Thank you Lisa!

Craig Villarrubia

(To Julie Rumbarger the transcriber of the book)

You did her book and never met her in person? That is beyond amazing! We read it every night before we go to sleep, are halfway through the second time. Fantastic job putting that together, Julie, wow! And yes, it is strange, but my wife and I both have felt strong resonance with Lisa via computer, even her recorded events. We were lucky to spend just one evening with her in LA recently, only a month or so after I first became aware of her. It was good to meet her, she’s lovely in person as well. Talking to her via Skype is just as potent, I’ve found. This is just story, forgive me – my life unfolded putting me next to Ramesh, Wayne Liquorman, a retreat in India with Eckhart Tolle, time with Papaji’s wife Mira/Ganga in Portugal, and various other lights on this path like Tony Parsons – all were great – but LIsa is the one for me. In fact, after a few years of intense seeking, all questions died out here, my interest in Advaita as something to read about or to go see masters was gone. Then Lisa. Funny how that worked. Thanks for your messages, it is beautiful to connect with you. I think it is a great pointer that you are swimming in This and have not been face to face with a master – it obviously is not necessary.

Jesse V. Boden